Wind Turbines on a Desert

I’ve heard little things about Palm Springs. I just knew it was a popular destination for travelers…a vacation spot. The name alone suggests a lot of sun, shades, palm trees, and that California vibe!

When my dad showed me a few clips from the movie “About Fifty“, I immediately fell in love with the scenery. It was about 2 men in their fifties who traveled to Palm Springs for a holiday getaway. The scene was a close-up of them talking about life and then it switched to a whole view of a field of wind turbines. Hundreds of them. It was something I had to see for myself. Luckily, it wasn’t far from where we’re staying, so we planned a trip one afternoon.

Wind turbines

You’ll be greeted by these wind turbines on the highway to Palm Springs. By then you’ll know you have already arrived.


 The view is just spectacular. A picture can’t encompass the hundreds–or even thousands–of these wind turbines in a shot. They’re all neatly lined up, and some were even atop the mountains.

After being awestruck by the view, we went on to see the city life. I would say that the heart of Palm Springs is located at the corner of  Palm Canyon Drive and Tahquitz Canyon Way. Shops and restaurants line up at the stretch of Palm Canyon Drive, somewhat looking like a modern version of “old towns” of other cities.

In this corner is also where you’ll find the 26-foot-tall “Forever Marilyn” sculpture. When we got there, of course, there was a line of people waiting to take their pictures with it, so we patiently waited with them and snapped away when it was our turn.

I learned that Palm Springs is where Marilyn Monroe got discovered, which is why it holds a special place in her heart. The statue previously stood in Chicago, and will stay in Palm Springs ’til March 2014 when it will go off to New Jersey. She is the icon of Palm Springs though, as people say.

 Further down the road of Palm Canyon Drive, you’ll see a Walk of Fame, with tiled stars on the sidewalks, just like in Hollywood. They don’t call this city the Hollywood of the East for nothing! Overall, I really like it here. We haven’t been to all the places that this city has to offer, but someday I would want to go back and explore.


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