The Different Faces of the Sunset

Don’t you just love sunsets? They’re so pretty, and you get that romantic feeling (even if you’re single!) when you see it. Or maybe that’s just what media portrays it. Hmm. But for me it actually does give off a certain warmth. It’s that magical feeling where you know that the day is ending, that it’s time for rest, and that everything’s gonna be alright. No matter how much problems we all have, it gives us a moment of escape.

The mixture of colors is so random that each sunset is unique, so we experience a different one everyday. It may even tell you a story of how the day went.

So slow down. Watch. And smile!

There must be something we look forward to seeing each day.

For me, it’s the different faces of the sunset.

What’s yours? 🙂 Now show some sunset love!!!


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