(Super) Last-minute Holiday Gift Ideas!

“Dang! I forgot to get her something!” — Does this sound familiar to you? Christmas Day may be over, but the holiday giddiness is still around us. Plus, we still got one more week to hunt for those last-minute gifts and shopping deals for those (un)forgotten loved ones :)) So here’s a little guide for all you procrastinators/busy (or whatever your excuse is) people out there:

2013-12-22 14.06.38

1) Food is always good. I’ll bet you at least someone has given you food this year. Well, the most common would be sweets (chocolates, candies, cookies, cupcakes, brownies), but you have to proceed with caution as some people are on diet or may have diabetes or something. They might even hate sweets (gasp! But I know someone who does…true story :P). Nevertheless, it’s the safest gift ‘coz everyone needs to eat, right?

2) Socks, scarves, gloves, caps are perfect for the December breeze. Get something that’s not too heavy so that they can still use it even for summer. Colorful prints and patterns are all the rage now, so don’t worry about shocking your giftee (?) with those pretty designs.

3) Gift sets are made to look so pretty and glamorous that you can’t resist not buying them! Just make sure to look right through them (figuratively and literally!) and check the contents to make sure they’re perfect for the right person. We got body lotion/shower gel and nail polish gift sets for our friends who love to pamper themselves. And they loved it. Perfect!

4) Who can go wrong with everyday (useful) stuff? Observe your giftee and see what he/she needs the most. It might even be something that he already has but needs to be replaced. Choose something that’s out-of-the-ordinary though, so they’d be “WOW”ed by it. We got a super cute umbrella and a bike bag (upper right gift in the picture) for our friend who bikes to work.

5) Jewelry is a girl’s best friend (well, the saying is diamonds, but we’ll agree that any jewelry is too!). It’s like candy for girls. Figure out her style and get something that she would likely wear. Has she been complimenting your accessories before? Both of you might have the same taste. Go for something classy, but funky as well…oh, and neutral! πŸ˜‰

6) If all else fails or you are really out of time, money is the best option (just like the Chinese tradition – Ang Pao!). Gift certificates to their favorite stores/restaurants are great too!

7) …And last but definitely not the least on our list, a PLANNER! We heard that the Design Your Life 2014 Photo Planner is the best one out there *nudge nudge*. It’s a great gift…why? Because it makes memories! She’ll think about you every time she gets that planner out to plan something, and even years after that. Having someone miss you once in a while isn’t bad, right? Plus, it’ll help her to achieve her dreams. Now you’re a great friend for giving her thatΒ πŸ™‚

So now we know what to give, let’s deal with HOW to present it:

2013-12-23 23.02.00It’s ironic how we didn’t have time to go out and get a nice paper bag/gift wrapper but have the time to make these DIY recycled gift bags (hahaha). If you’re the creative type and/or into saving the earth, this little project would be great for you. Plus, you get to save trees and moolah (win-win!). Here’s a good illustration on how to make a paper bag:Β http://lunar.thegamez.net/gardenidea/how-to-make-a-garden/teh-tarik-junction-how-to-make-a-paper-bag-1600×1333.jpgΒ (credits to Garden Idea).

Or you can google videos for more detailed instructions.

Or you can just get a nice paper bag/gift wrapper while you’re out shopping for a gift. Either way, good luck!!

Happy Holidays everyone! πŸ™‚

❀ C&S Designs


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