Hollywood Hike Experience

Never in my life have I thought that I would ever survive a hike of any kind without fainting (this connects to a past experience). Much more a 1.5-hour one way hike. See, I’m not one to trek an elevated path; but I can walk for hours (shopping). Even the one time I tried this treadmill in the gym and it purposely stopped itself when I ran faster because it detected my heartbeat, saying I couldn’t and shouldn’t continue. Gym was never my thing anyway.

This hike to the Hollywood sign is truly an unforgettable experience. It was a planned trip (since our location is a 2-hour drive to LA) but in the end it became a spontaneous one, kinda. Hence, our outfits. I didn’t have any proper outfit for a hike so yeah. We were the only ones in jeans.

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We took the 1.5-hr trail because the 45-mins one was closed, which was very unfortunate for us since that trail was more family friendly and the elevation isn’t that steep. It was 3pm and it was scorching hot on the way up. There was even a time I played a game on my iPad to distract my brain from thinking I’m exhausted. When we reached a certain point, there were 2 pathways to choose from: the way to the front of the sign, and the way to above and behind the sign. We chose the 1st one.


We were ready to go back down to our car when we decided to hike some more, this time up close to the sign. We thought, when would we come back and do this again? Probably never. So we braced and braved ourselves and hiked about 30 minutes more. What greeted us was simply breathtaking. Aside from the awesome view, we also got to see the famous Hollywood sign up close, kinda. It was a very rewarding moment for me. Hike the Hollywood sign: check.


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I would recommend this hike for those who are looking to spice up their Hollywood trip. A little adventure away from the usual tourist spots. Plus, the photos you will take are much more gratifying in the end.


♥ S


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