5 DIY Creative Packaging Ideas Under a Budget

Only 2 more days til Christmas! Doing some last minute Christmas shopping? Well you’re gonna need some last minute gift wrapping as well! Check out these creative recycled packaging ideas they’re practically free! And not to mention good for our earth too.

1. Origami bows

We’re digging this super cute DIY gift-topper. You’ll just be needing some magazines/newspapers and a pair of scissors!

IMG_7196A bit time-consuming but totally worth it. You’ll get the hang of it in no sec. It’s kinda very addictive too.


IMG_7200See don’t they look adorable? Make your own by following this tutorial here.

2. Toilet paper roll

Yep you read that right! Made entirely out of toilet roll.



Just perfect for those pint-sized presents. Very easy to make, too! Just flatten it out, turn in the tops, and decorate!

3. Gift bags

If you’re the creative type and/or into saving the earth, this little project would be great for you. Plus, you get to save trees and moolah (win-win!).

2013-12-23 23.02.00

You can use fancy gift wrappers, plain colored papers, old magazines/newspapers, and anything you want really. Here’s how to quickly make one: view tutorial.

4. Put a leaf on it

Very simple yet it looks so elegant. They go best with kraft paper or any plain-colored paper. Use your best judgment. Below are some examples of our favourite ones.

Photo courtesy of Sartorial Panda
Photo courtesy of Le Dernier Cri
Photo courtesy of Le Dernier Cri

5. Going 3D

We have never seen anything like this before! A unique idea that will surely leave an impression.


This one’s also time-consuming, and requires some patience. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.


Photos courtesy of iCreativeIdeas. View the steps here.



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