New Year’s Resolutions for One

Yes yes New Year’s resolutions are cliché, and we don’t finish everything (or anything) anyway, so why bother, right? Wrong.

Resolutions are actually future plans that we make for ourselves that can shape our destiny and can make us a better person. So why do we keep “forgetting” to do them? Well, it’s not that we forget or are lazy, it’s just that we don’t have our priorities straight. Thing is, we’re afraid. But being alone and doing things by yourself doesn’t mean you’re lonely. “Me time” is actually pretty fun if you think about it– you go your own time, you’ll meet new people, it boosts your confidence and independence, it helps you fuel your personal growth, and lots more!

This idea list is a New Year’s resolutions slash bucket list for things you should do at least once in 2015. It ranges from easy peasy to hella scary. We took the liberty and ranked them from easy to hard.



Eat out for lunch or dinner and enjoy your own company. Having a meal for one is not at all weird! Unless of course, you make yourself feel uncomfortable. Eat plates and plates of delicious food– everyone deserves good food.

Watch the sunrise / sunset. Put your cameras/phones away and just take in the breathtaking view of colors. Plus points if you watch it over a beach or the like. You don’t get to appreciate the full view if there are tall buildings in the way.

See a movie in theaters. It doesn’t exactly sound exciting, but why not, right? Show the world you don’t always need a plus one to enjoy a movie.

Go shopping. Pamper yourself once in a while.

Swim and take your mind off of things. Release the anger within you.

Cosplay or dress up for costume parties like Halloween. Doesn’t have to be an extravaganza. Do your best and show it off! You’re never too old for trick or treating.


Give your money or food to someone in need and don’t tell anyone about it. You’ll feel better afterwards, I promise.

Be spontaneous. Life isn’t meant to be scheduled all the time.

Be thankful for your blessings and be contented with what you have.

Volunteer. Just the feeling that you get within from helping people in need is reason enough.

Write. It’s okay if you’re not a good writer. Write your feelings out, write about the things you observe, write about your day, inspire other people, do a DIY tutorial, anything! Writing helps you open up the creativity inside of you. Everyone has a creative side.



Go on a roadtrip. Take a drive. It doesn’t have to be far. As long as you have a trusty camera and a map (or maybe ditch it and get lost), you’re good to go.

Spark up a conversation with a stranger. Make small talks, be genuine, listen, laugh, share, and don’t care what he/she may think about you. Do this with caution though.

Create a time capsule. It can contain predictions of yourself in 5-10 years, some letters to your future self, memorabilia, pictures, secrets, etc. Bury or store them in a memorable place and go back for it years later.

Cook your favourite dishes or bake desserts you’ve been craving for. Eating is a lot more rewarding when you prepare the food yourself.
 DSC06150Photo from Sweet Sheenanigans

Dance or take a dance lesson. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know any moves or aren’t “flexible enough.” Let loose!

Plant a tree and maintain it. Give back to mother nature.

Exercise. Challenge yourself to a 21-day fitness training because all it takes is 21 days to form a habit. Some of you may be skinny, but you need to be fit too. You don’t want to get easily tired–panting like mad–while walking up a long flight of stairs. That’s embarrassing. Start small and end big.

Paint. Paint your room a bold color, one that you didn’t have the guts to when you were younger. Paint a picture, one that reminds you of happiness. Paint abstract, when thoughts cannot be put to words. Paint your world.


Find a new hobby. It’s not that easy, but exploring and sharpening your knowledge is like opening your eyes to a whole new horizon. Plus you might even find your true passion.
Playing with clay Playing with clay

Follow your dreams. No one else can bring you to the top but yourself. Find something you are passionate about and chase it.

Be confident. Remember that you’re one-of-a-kind and don’t allow anyone to let you think otherwise. You are worth it.



Travel. If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet. One of the best ways to find yourself and/or your passion in life is to travel alone to a country that is alien to you. Go to that place that you’ve been dreaming of for years. At the end of your trip you’ll be surprised at how much you still don’t know about yourself.

Couch surf. Traveling alone doesn’t mean that you get to get all things luxurious because you don’t need approval from anyone. Try this because it’s a unique experience plus you get to save on accommodation. Spend more money on memories. There are many advantages to this– best to find out on your own.

Try activities out of your comfort zone like cliff diving, hiking, riding a helicopter, riding a hot air balloon, camping, etc.

Go to a concert or live show of your favorite singer/band, or to that music festival you’ve been wanting to go to but have no one to go with. Being surrounded by friends can be awesome but you’ve got to enjoy your own company as well.

Eat weird / bizarre food. Insects, sea creatures, plants, you name it.

Complete a marathon. Running isn’t for everyone but it sure does feel rewarding to actually finish one. Plus you need all the exercise you can get. Just remember to prepare for it. You don’t wanna get a heart attack in the middle of running!

Try water sports. Surfing, parasailing, scuba diving, water skiing, wake boarding, white water rafting, canoeing, etc.

Go an entire day without a smartphone. A difficult task in this modern era, but you’ll be surprised at the result. We are often too glued to our phones that we forget there’s a whole lot more interesting places out there. Explore your own city with only a map, discover new things, socialize.

Let go of the people who only see you as an option, who don’t see your worth, who disregard you most of the time, who are bad role models, who constantly bring you down [with them], who pull you out of your success. You don’t need negative people in your life.


These are just some ideas to help you keep going. You can absolutely make your own and maybe even add a little challenge to it! Just remember to do something everyday that scares you. Have an open mind. DESIGN YOUR LIFE.



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