Save money and say goodbye to impulse shopping

OMG 50% OFF!!!

Admit it, that’s something we don’t mind seeing everyday.

But the million dollar question is, do we really save?

Most of us are guilty of impulse buying. Sometimes it’s because we haven’t bought something in a long time and feel the need to, sometimes we just want something new, sometimes we just want to show off new stuff, and most of the time it’s because of the joy we receive when we hold a new item that’s now ours.

Personally I have been a victim of impulse buying. I’m an online shopping addict since ’08. When I was younger my mom banned me from online shopping because package after package would arrive at our doorstep, and some of the clothes I bought has never even seen the outside of my closet. As I grow older I’ve been able to resist and control myself, and with that I have really saved a lot. As an impulsive buyer, this is a huge accomplishment and the feeling is good. So save your money for something more worthwhile like traveling and making memories!

So, in order to really save, there are things to consider before buying an item. Actually, lots of things.

1. Ask yourself, do I really need this?

I mean, do you really need a 3rd pair of that same pants you already have 2 pairs of?

Do you need to have another color of that same bag you already have 2 colors of?

Do you need a set of this thing that you probably won’t use?

Of course, essentials are essentials, but you have to define them. Think long run. Will it be useful? Or will you find it stashed in the corner of your table without minding it?

2. Do I want it?

If you said YES immediately and feel flutters inside, then buy it. Although in some cases it’s just “love at first sight” or infatuation, so be careful. When you hesitate and think about it, or when you have doubts about it, then don’t buy it. It simply means that you’re attracted to it at first look but you would probably forget about it the next hour.

3. Can you live without it?

Think about it first and if you answer yes, then *cop voice* put the item back down and step away from the merchandise.

4. Sleep on it.

This may sound crazy, but my mom once said that if you really want something but you’re not sure about it (maybe because of the price or something), sleep on it. If you wake up the next day and it’s the first thing that comes to mind, or if you still think deeply about it, heck if you dream of it, then go get it.

5. Save 50% does not mean you save

If there’s an item you didn’t plan on buying but you see that it’s on sale and then you buy it, then sad to say that you didn’t really save. You spent extra money to buy something you weren’t really planning on.

Here’s an example: If a TV is 75% off and you immediately buy it because HELLO IT’S A TV AT 75% OFF, and sale for this particular brand only comes once a year so you swipe that credit card of yours. Well, what are you gonna do with it? Put it in your room where you already have a perfectly working TV?


These are just some of the major things I consider when deciding to buy an item or not. It all still depends on you. Be strong.

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