Golden Gate Park

This is a very late post, but we decided to share our experience of that time we strolled the huge Golden Gate Park almost 2 months ago.

The Golden Gate Park is a 1,017 acre land that houses gardens, a museum, conservatories, lakes, playgrounds, monuments, and a whole lot more. Thank God for the free shuttle because walking the whole park would just be impossible.

WARNING! Picture-heavy.

We had planned our day quite well prior. We had to be at the airport by 5:30pm so we decided to maximize our day and arrive at the park before 10am. It was a Monday and the Japanese Tea Garden had a Monday promo: free entrance before 10am. As usual, we were chasing time and had to literally run as we parked around 0.5-1 mile away. The rush was worth it though, because we then found out that entrance costs $8 per adult, and there were 5 of us. Score! Upon entering, we were greeted with the sweet smell of tea and a crowd of tourists. It was a sunny winter– sun shining and the cold wind blowing. So you can call it a bittersweet weather.





We spent around 2-3 hours just inside this garden, taking too many pictures and being one with nature.

Our next stop was the Music Concourse to have our picnic lunch. This place is known to throw free concerts and for its picnic spot. Definitely a place for people watching. I especially loved these heavily pollarded trees that surrounded the place.


After this we went through the rose garden (which had no flowers in sight because winter) on our way to the de Young Museum, San Francisco’s oldest museum. We didn’t wanna spend a dime during this trip so instead of paying for museum entrance, we headed upstairs for the Nancy B. and Jake L. Hamon Tower. The view from up there was just breathtaking.





After roaming around the museum’s stores in awe, we decided to take the shuttle bound to the other end of the park: the beach. It was a 20-minute walk on the sand to reach the Pacific Ocean. It was paradise! People surfing, sunbathing, playing with dogs, appreciating. I wish we could stay longer but it was getting late and we still had one last place to see.



We walked for some time through some jungle-like area to our last destination which was the windmill in the Queen Wilhemina Garden. We were elated with the name! If you watched Ugly Betty, you’ll get it. lol







We ended our stay with sand in our shoes and sore feet. It was a fun experience that required energy. We were only able to visit around 1/4 of the whole park, and I will definitely go back for more.

Plan your trip! Visit the Golden Gate Park website for more info.



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