Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas

Mothers are the perfect role model for who we want to be like in the future. They are inspiring people with so much wisdom and stories. Treat her to a special day out to show how much you care for her and appreciate her. And don’t forget to thank them for everything.

Mothers’ Day is on May 10. Only a few days to go! Whether handmade or store-bought to a day at the spa salon or a homemade spa service, lucky for you we have compiled some ideas to get you started.

1. For the mom who loves to cook/bake

Since it’s pretty difficult and time consuming to be making tools from scratch (unless you want to), why not buy ready-made plain ones and personalize them so she knows it’s one of a kind, which makes it extra special.

Wood Cutting Board
DIY tutorial here
Hand Stamped Spoons
Buy (and photo from) here or DIY tutorial here

There are always unique, hidden gems out there if you look hard enough. You just gotta know which ones she like.

2. For the fashionable mom

Heart Flats
Add some heart to plain flats! Tutorial here

Take her to a shopping spree– of course you’ll pay. Or that bag she has been eyeing for over a month? Yes, she will be delighted to own it!

3. For the craftsy/artsy mom

Make her a custom rubber stamp that will be useful to her, or give her a rubber stamp kit that she can make herself.

Custom Rubber Stamp
Tutorial here

How about a printed picture on wood? How cool is that?

Print Pictures on Wood
Tutorial here

Other ideas: A painting kit (complete with brushes, paints, canvas, etc.), paper crafting tools (like punchers and different types of papers), get creative!

4. For the mom who is in love with food

Instead of bringing your mom to her favourite restaurant, why not introduce a new one to her? Try places with unique concepts/themes for a plus in experience, find one in town or go out of town, there’s bound to be one. If you don’t have the budget or time to, you can recreate some of those ideas yourself at the convenience of your home.

Or buy her some freshly baked healthy goods.

Healthy Madaleines
Healthy Madaleines from Sweet Sheenanigans

Or how about making your own?

Spun Sugar Topping
Tutorial here

5. For the mom who loves to decorate

If she wanted a certain house decoration/figurine, chances are she would have already bought them. Below are some unique and interesting ideas that might impress her.

Cattle Wall Trophy
A papercraft wall trophy from here or DIY free printables from here
Geometric Art Printable Poster
Printable wall art from here

Or if she’s into DIY, maybe polymer clay or any oven-baked clay would be a good alternative so she can make whatever she wants.

6. For the outdoors-y and possibly adventurous mom

Take her to a place she’s never been to. Mothers’ Day is not all about the gifts. Why not surprise her? It could be a fancy restaurant or a quaint/intimate cafe where you can just talk and laugh, a park to go people-watching, a beach. If you mom is a thrill seeker, think out of the box. What’s something she dare try? Some ideas: Flying Trapeze, the carnival, bike zip, zipline, zoo, lazer tag, nature-themed parks, and the list goes on.

Bike Zip
Bike Zip at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

7. For the mom who deserves a break more than anything else

Give your mom a day off– treat her to a spa session alone or with you or the whole family if she prefers.

You can also buy (or make) her some bath accents for a homemade spa service.

Bath Bombs
Buy (and photo from) here or make your own with this tutorial

Remember that your aunts are moms too so don’t forget to include them in your list. Happy Mothers’ Day to all moms! Much love to you! ❤


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