Last-Minute Gift Wrapping Ideas

Let’s face it– all of us have been through this at some point in our life, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Last year we did 5 DIY Creative Packaging Ideas Under a Budget. This year we have compiled some of our favorites ranging from no-sweat DIY, cute gift wrappers, to plain creative. Very easy to do, and still within budget!

Just add washi tapes

We love, love, looove this idea! Just add washi tapes to any plain paper and voila! You’ve got an instant Instagram-worthy DIY present! It’s too pretty to open up.

Photo courtesy of Almost Makes Perfect.

Sharpie-fy it

Is that even a word? Another do-it-yourself involves a gold Sharpie, or any metallic-colored pen, really. The result is dazzling!

Photo courtesy of Ashley Hackshaw.

Stamp away!

For a “quick wrapping session”, use your stamps for one-of-a-kind wrappers! Plus points if you use holiday designs like these. This is just too cute!

Plastic Animals

This is too cute of an idea to pass up! A perfect wrap for small presents. Just buy a ready-made box, use a bakers twine or any string, then tie onto a plastic animal! How genius is that?

A few helpers here on packing Friday 💗

A photo posted by Becky Kemp (@sketchinc) on

For bigger presents, just pop them on top for an instant gift topper.

Photo courtesy of A Ruffled Life.


If you have a few extra time for some DIY, then don’t pass this one up! Very simple but the result is so eye-catching! This one only involves a string, some papers, a puncher, glue, and patience.

Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn.


Something perfect for the traveler! I myself am one, and I can assure you, I would be happy to receive something like this! So vintage. You can use your old maps you have stored away from you were still in school, or you can buy some with different designs.

Photo courtesy of Lime Doodle Design.

Free Printables

And finally, some printables for the very last minute packer. These quirky designs for wraps and tags are a no-fail solution to your packaging needs.

Download these from Oh Happy Day.

Well that wraps this post up! See what I did there? I hope you have a jolly Christmas!

Happy wrapping! 🎄

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