Good news for you and your friend!

You can win these limited edition hand-painted pouches and a DYL 2016 Planner each!! And it’s fairly easy to join too.



All you have to do is go on Instagram and search for @cnsdesigns. Look for the original post, comment and tag someone you are thankful for and state why. That’s it! You can tag as many as you like, doing 1 person per comment.

Also, you have to follow @cnsdesigns and @nonidevora (who designed the pouches).

One winner and the friend will win a planner and pouch each! This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only. Contest ends on 01/29. Hurry!



2 thoughts on “[CLOSED] GIVEAWAY ALERT!

  1. Hi, I really want to have this DIY planner. Could you please advise as to how can I have one? I love to plan and note my schedule and the events I want to go and explore, my life’s adventure. So, in the future, whenever I look back, I have the list of the memories and time where I spend my days. I hope to hear from you. Thanks a lot.

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