Target Spot Products Review: Stamps & Ink Pads

The crazy addiction is real. It was just recently I discovered (and took notice to) this heavenly area that greets you right when you enter Target: the Spot section– or as people like to call it the Target Dollar Spot or One Spot. It’s because most things in this department only costs a dollar. YES that’s right. The stationery goods in particular run out fast, and that’s not only because they’re cheap by retail standards, but the designers behind this beautiful set are like mind readers. They know what their audience likes. As a graphic designer myself, I commend them in creating fun and unique designs/themes that fit daily events.

I’m still trying to get myself back into the crafting/planner decorating regime, and since I’m not that big on using numerous planner accessories (but I’m getting there), I can safely say that I’m a hoarder when it comes to a visit to Target Spot. When I see designs that I like, I just buy them, even when I don’t have a use for them. And with this way of thinking that has planted into our minds, we actually spend more in the end. Let me elaborate: you think that these products are cheap compared to branded ones, but when you look at it in a different perspective, the quantity and quality you get in return is what you pay for. While most of these items are actually worth it, some of them just aren’t.

My recent purchase of their stamps and ink pads is what actually triggered me to write this review. I really like their stamps, but there’s one flaw to it though. The embossed part just isn’t high enough. I get some part of the background inked on my projects. If you tap the stamp on the ink pad lightly, you get sparse images; if you tap hard to cover everything, you get a square background.





But with a few practices (lol yeah I really practiced), I got it just right.


I bought the wooden stamps as a set of 5, and it costs $3 per set. On the other hand, the ink pads are just a BIG NO. Like, stay away from it. It only costs a dollar, and what you’re getting for your buck is simply not worth it. It’s like the pad isn’t fully pigmented. One use on a certain spot and it’s out of ink forever. I tried it with some of the wooden stamps and you’ll see just how bad the quality is.



It looks like water with a bit of coloring mixed in. The black one is from the ink pad that came with the roller stamp. Just, no. Never again. I can’t return the pink ink pad though, as I’ve already thrown away the plastic wrap with the barcode on it. Lesson learned: always put aside packaging and receipts unless you’re really sure you won’t be needing them in the future.



Overall I really liked the stamps. Sometimes the sets are a bit difficult/rare to find in stores, so when you spot it, grab it and buy it. See what I did there?

What are your experiences with Target stamps? Share them in the comments below!



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