March Favorites: Planner Decorating Inspirations

I can’t believe we have a quarter of 2016 down! We’re thankful for March and the Holy Week, it was a much needed long weekend. We’re also happy that for March, we have seen more posts of the Design Your Life Planner in addition to the Back to Basics one. Glad to say that we’re getting the hang of planner decorating too– it’s so much fun!

We urge you to pour yourself into planner decorating as it soothes the mind and hones your creativity. It allows you to express and be yourself– something that we tend to forget on a daily basis. And we’d love to see your works of art! Don’t forget to use the official hashtags#DYLPlanner & #DYL2016Planner as well as tag us @cnsdesigns to be featured.

Let these serve as an inspiration for your next/daily planner decorating session. Tell us what you think of these in the comments! Which one’s your favorite? ☺ ‘Til end of April, folks!


Midweek through my @cnsdesigns #DesignYourLife planner 💕 I loved decorating with my Rosie's die-cuts, @lovecynthia , @mommylhey , @sweetstampshop , @studio_l2e and @sandraspitaleri stamps and (planner meet) exclusive stickers from @shopvillabeautifful ! I hope your week has been great! 👍😋 Do you have a planning routine / system that you follow? Do you usually plan in the morning or at night? It's always been an ongoing process for me to figure out which routine works for me and my lifestyle. It hasn't always been the same but I always do what I can. Right now, I make time to plan in the morning and right before bed. I leave my planner open in the classroom among the (dangerous and) curious hands of my preschool students …and that works for me. Planning is never gonna be the same for anyone.. and it never would be so don't be bothered if some things works for others but it doesn't work out for you. To each their own. #thePHplanningsociety #thePHplannersociety #lionachinkyplans #plannercommunity #plannerphilippines #plannerPH #lionachinkyplans #dylplanner2016 #DYLplannerExperts #DYLEXPERTLIONA

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Last week's details on @cnsdesigns back to basics planner 😃

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Playing with my @cnsdesigns DYL planner! Yay!

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Updating my @cnsdesigns DYL planner 🙈

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Last of March: done! Can't wait to finish this spread!

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