Highlights of our NSS 2016 Trip

For tips for first time attendees in NSS, see this post.

The National Stationery Show celebrated 70 years this 2016. What a great time to be alive! This event is a great way to scout for your next go-to shop, meet talented artists, and just mingle. We knew some of the shops but we learned of a ton of new ones too.

There has been a lot of thought put into deciding whether or not we’re going on this New York trip. We were pretty sure we wanted to, but all signs were leading to a “not/can’t now, maybe next year.” On Friday night, 2 days before the show started, we found all of us free for this trip after all, so we just said let’s do it, and did. We got a flight for the next morning so imagine the stress packing, booking the accommodation, registering for the event, and basically just preparing ourselves for the show (to network and socialize).

It was our first time in New York as well so imagine the excitement everywhere we went! But especially as we step foot into Javits Center. The place is HUGE! This part of the picture is not even half of the place.



As we enter the show, we were immediately greeted by so much creativity and energy.

Please note that this post is PICTURE HEAVY!

One particular booth got our attention–not just because of its products, but because they took the plunge and “pre-launched” their shop at the NSS!! They’re called Merit Medals. What a great way to get a huge exposure. The idea behind this company is that they have “greeting cards with removable, keepsake mementos for pinning or hanging”, which are perfect to give to your personal heroes. So you have this mini medal to keep or wear even without the card. We’ve seen the medal on a necklace chain, and it looks gorgeous.  Pretty sweet, right? They launch August 2016.





Another one of our favorites is Inklings Paperie. They specialize in scratch-off greeting cards, which is a unique way to have some kind of sender-receiver interaction. They have just the perfect amount of whimsy and simplicity in each of their products.





Next up is Bash! We were super excited when we saw their booth, it was like an Instagrammers paradise lol! Very quirky and definitely one of the best booths in the show. You know where to get your party goods, people!




We especially loved Yellow Owl Workshop‘s holographic booth! They have an eccentric art style, good quality stamps, funny prints, pendants, and a whole lot more. One of their bestselling items is their carve-a-stamp kit.





We are a sucker for die-cut greeting cards so Hammerpress immediately caught our eye! Combine that and their designs and bam! These cards will surely have a place in your loved one’s wall.




There were a lot more booths that impressed, but sadly we weren’t able to photograph all of them. Got distracted by all the products lol. But please enjoy the rest of the pictures we do have.








Attending the NSS is definitely one of the best experiences we will be doing over and over again. We met tons of talented artists whose stories inspired the hell out of us, made new friends, and forged new partnerships. What did you think of the show?

SAVE THE DATE! NSS 2017 will be on May 21-24 at the Jacob K. Javits Center, New York.


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