December Favorites: Planner Decorating Inspirations

AHHH I know, I know, it’s half of January already. We’ve been sooo busy packing planner orders, all day everyday, literally. We would like to thank the supporters of our planners– we got out of stock even before January started! And as a result of popular demand, we have decided to restock (again). Yay! More details in our website.

On another note, congratulations to all who were able to make it to December decorating their planners still, lol. I admit, it was a bit difficult to maintain especially since it was the holidays. I forget sometimes (ok, most of the time) because of all the FOOD, Christmas shopping, and food. Hopefully this year will be different, different good and better.

We encourageย you to pour yourself into planner decorating as it soothes the mind and hones your creativity. It allows you to express and be yourselfโ€“ something that we tend to forget on a daily basis. Weย can’t wait to see your January spreads!


Really digging the maroon and gold color theme for this month!

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Half of the week already done! Bakit ang bilis ng araw pag December?

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