DYL February Favorites

I can’t believe I did it! I designed/decorated my planners for all 4 weeks of February! Three times on my Back to Basics planner and once on my Limitless planner. It feels like an achievement lol especially since I never really had excess time to just sit down and think about what’s going onto my planner. Anyway, last month went like a breeze, didn’t it? We did brainstorm a bit for our 2018 planners (GASP! ALREADY?!) and we’ve got a looot in store for you guys! We’ll also be doing some surveys and such so tune in for that!

We’re also so happy that February’s list of favorites has gotten much longer compared to January’s! And to see more of the DYL planner as well, keep it coming guys! We love seeing your spreads. Don’t forget to tag us (@cnsdesigns) on your DYL planner spreads and use #DYLplanner #DYL2017planner for a chance to be featured on our next month’s favorites! Which one’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to know!

PS. Don’t forget to join our DYL 2017 planners giveaway ending on March 6! Open to Philippine residents only. Details on our Instagram account.


Week six' spread 🌸

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One day at a time. Thank you Lord. 🙏

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