The Planner Diaries

Shortly after we released our 1st Plan With Me video, we’ve also released our 1st The Planner Diaries segment! To sum it up, The Planner Diaries is like a diary/journal where I write about the events that happened in my week, kinda like– you guessed it– a diary. The purpose? It’s so for when I look back and need some information, it will be easier to find. For example: when I need the exact date of an event that happened, or what happened/where was I/what was I doing on the date of, and the list of instances go on. Recording them down has actually helped me a lot in the past (8 years!), so as much as possible I still continue on doing it.

It’s been fun writing and decorating on my Design Your Life planner, as I’ve been doing so in the past years. But ever since the Back to Basics planner came out 2 years ago, it has been kind of my main planner so I have been using it most of the time, since it was a bit difficult maintaining 2 planners with my schedule. But I must admit, having a pre-designed planner does have its perks. Let me know what you think! And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

*The video below is our 2nd Planner Diaries video!


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