National Stationery Show 2017

So it’s that time of the year again– for the annual National Stationery Show! It’s a trade show that exhibits only the best of the best stationery companies in the US (with some even hailing from Canada, Australia, and the UK), and is the only trade show of its kind in North America. As usual, it was held in Javits Center in New York City. With our first time attending last year (which was their 70th anniversary), we had such high expectations for 2017’s show.

Of course, last year’s was much more grand— hey, 70th anniv is a big thing!– so this year we felt that it kinda fell short following that. First off, it was held together with the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), which is a high-end luxury furniture fair with vendors coming from all over the world, so they needed a much bigger space. They almost took up the whole Javits Center! They got the whole huge entrance on the ground floor, which was where NSS was last year. So NSS had to scoot over and was downgradedΒ and moved a level down. It had a tiny entrance which took us a while to spot.Β To be honest, the entrance didn’t look enticing, especially since there was also a huge concrete post right smack in the middle of it (photo below). So aside from the tiny entrance, you might even miss it had it not been for their banners hung above. I’m not sure if that area was where they usually exhibited though, but you can compare the photos with our 2016 ones here! You’ll see the difference.

Just like last year, we took a day off on the 2nd day of the 3-and-a-half-day show. If I remember correctly, the show had about 16 or 17 aisles in total, but not all aisles were filled up. If you take time to look at all or most of the booths like we did before, then you might need the whole 4 days and stay from opening ’til closing. That’s why this year we made sure to only spend our time in the booths that really appealed to us. That way we can manage our time in the show better. If it’s your first time attending the show, you can check out our tips here.

What made the show even more exciting was this “promotion project” where visitors collect trading cards designed by participating exhibitors. This year’s theme was MONEY and I love it!–most especially the bright orange wallet (with gold foil detail) where we can stash them all in. We made it a point to collect everything!

We only saw a few of the people we met last year back in this year’s show, and are surprised that some of them actually remembered us! lol The whole NSS experience was still overwhelming and exciting, especially with new trends, ideas, and creativity that were all around. Our main objective was to go and get inspired, and, well, goal achieved! Although the outside (like the way it was presented) took a toll on us, the actual show did not disappoint! Maybe we should stop comparing it to last year’s though hehe

There were tons of beautifully designed booths, and we admired each one! We took more videos than photos, so watch out for the vlog soon! In the meantime, enjoy the ones we have! I was actually surprised by how little photos we have combined lol

Did you attend NSS? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments section below!

SAVE THE DATE! NSS 2018 will be on May 20-23. Plan your trip with their website.


Also! Watch our Planner Diaries video inspired by this trip ❀


UPDATE! The NSS 2017 vlog is now here!


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