Where to Get Weekly Sticker Kits for your Back to Basics Planner (Philippine-based)

HAPPY 2018! ✨

The time has come to finally use our new planner/s! I know a lot of you have been itching to use your 2018 planners already ever since November or December, or even as early as October! But for some of you who don’t have their spreads set up yet (like us), and are addicted to stickers (like us too), we have some recommendations of Philippine-based sticker shops where you can get your weekly kits from. However if you’re in no-spend mode, we also have a list of websites where you can get free sticker printables and print them yourself.

For reference, a full box of the Back to Basics 2018 Planner measures 1.5 x 1.875 inches. It can fit Erin Condren-sized stickers too.

Let the list begin!

 Weekly Sticker Kits: 

  1. Empress Rome (also has a bi-monthly planner kit subscription)
  2. LittleMissHelper (also has a bi-monthly all sticker subscription box)
  3. PaperJoyPH 
  4. youareyou
  5. Hues & Prints
  6. ohsopaperies
  7. Klinge Stickers
  8. Stickers and Doodles
  9. Stickies by C&S (by C&S Designs)

 Decorative Stickers: 

  1. The Whimsical Cat
  2. Kraftrina
  3. KeenaPrints
  4. Wish MNL
  5. Cassy Kicks
  6. KreativeKatPrints
  7. Whimsicute
  8. Miss Karramel
  9. Papermela
  10. Crafted by Sophie
  11. The Indy Miss

 Functional Stickers: 

  1. Charmed Sticker Co
  2. Papers & Colors
  3. Blushed Pink

 Printable Stickers: 

  1. Victoria Thatcher
  2. Fit Life Creative (made for classic Happy Planners but can be trimmed/adjusted)
  3. Planner Addiction
  4. Wendaful
  5. Vintage Glam Studio
  6. Pink Pixel Graphics
  7. Organized Potato (made for classic Happy Planners but can be trimmed/adjusted)

That’s all for now, folks!

BRB, gone sticker shopping.


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