Shopping in Tokyo’s Stationery Stores PART 1

9 stores!!

As someone obsessed with stationery, one of my intentions for my trip to Tokyo was to visit as much stationery stores as I can. So I have compiled a quick “tour” per store. Some of them I actually stumbled upon accidentally, but I thought they were worth including as they’re not those famous ones usually mentioned in posts. There will be 2 parts of this and the second video is coming soon!

Ok so to be honest I don’t have much photos to show since I mostly took videos to try to document the places and products better. Actually never mind, checking my phone I DON’T have any from the stores in this video compilation (so I will at least have some on the 2nd part). So please enjoy watching the video instead! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel to get notified when part 2 comes out!

Below are some info on where you can find these stores since some of them have several branches. All of them have a mix of stationery items as well as novelty items. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will try my best to answer them! Ahhh can’t wait to go back already!

/// Stores in the order of appearance ///
• Tokyu Hands – Shibuya
• hands be – Harajuku (inside Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku)
• Flying Tiger – Omotesando
• Village Vanguard – Shibuya
• Sekaido – Shinjuku
• WEGO – Harajuku (Takeshita Street)
• Sanrioworld – Ginza (inside Nishi Ginza Department Store)
• Daiso – Harajuku (Takeshita Street)
• MIJ Factory – Harajuku (Takeshita Street)

UPDATE: Watch part 2 here!


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