Shopping in Tokyo’s Stationery Stores PART 2

And finally, part 2 is here!

7 more shops to add to your list! I had sooo much fun going around all 16 stores and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more I haven’t visited. It’s really nice spending time in each of these stores because it was a change of pace– having to look at each item one by one, then getting fascinated by them because Japanese stationery/designs are BOMB. Don’t you agree?

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Shopping in Tokyo’s Stationery Stores PART 1

9 stores!!

As someone obsessed with stationery, one of my intentions for my trip to Tokyo was to visit as much stationery stores as I can. So I have compiled a quick “tour” per store. Some of them I actually stumbled upon accidentally, but I thought they were worth including as they’re not those famous ones usually mentioned in posts. There will be 2 parts of this and the second video is coming soon!

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