DYL May Favorites

I can’t believe we’ve approached half the year already! We recently had a trip to New York late last month to attend the National Stationery Show (blog/vlog soon!) and it did not disappoint! We’re super inspired to come up with new designs *ehem 2018 planner ehem*– we’ve actually started already! Read More »

DYL March Favorites

I know, I know, it’s already 1 week through April and we’re posting this just now. We do have a good reason for that! Last week’s spread ended on April 2 and it would take some people (including us) a few extra days to finish up, take a photo, and post their spreads. We want to include as much of our favorites as possible so we waited lol but seriously, a week of April gone already?!

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DYL February Favorites

I can’t believe I did it! I designed/decorated my planners for all 4 weeks of February! Three times on my Back to Basics planner and once on my Limitless planner. It feels like an achievement lol especially since I never really had excess time to just sit down and think about what’s going onto my planner. Anyway, last month went like a breeze, didn’t it? We did brainstorm a bit for our 2018 planners (GASP! ALREADY?!) and we’ve got a looot in store for you guys! We’ll also be doing some surveys and such so tune in for that!

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DYL January Favorites

Can you believe we’re on our 2nd month of 2017 already?! It didn’t even occur to me until 2 days ago! A lot of things has definitely happened in January, some good some bad, but mostly great. We did a 3rd [and final] restock of the DYL 2017 planners last month due to the most popular demand we’ve had yet, and we’re so so thankful for all the support! We were overwhelmed with the requests we got, but we’re glad we followed through. (PS. A DYL planner promo is ongoing until Feb 10! Details here.)

This post is a mix of all 3 planners we currently have. Our latest addition to the DYL planner series, the Limitless planner, is an undated planner that features a minimalist layout. Like the Back to Basics planner, it allows flexible planning and decorating. We hope to see more of it this February!

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