Highlights of our NSS 2016 Trip

For tips for first time attendees in NSS, see this post.

The National Stationery Show celebrated 70 years this 2016. What a great time to be alive! This event is a great way to scout for your next go-to shop, meet talented artists, and just mingle. We knew some of the shops but we learned of a ton of new ones too.

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Target Spot Products Review: Stamps & Ink Pads

The crazy addiction is real. It was just recently I discovered (and took notice to) this heavenly area that greets you right when you enter Target: the Spot section– or as people like to call it the Target Dollar Spot or One Spot. It’s because most things in this department only costs a dollar. YES that’s right. The stationery goods in particular run out fast, and that’s not only because they’re cheap by retail standards, but the designers behind this beautiful set are like mind readers. They know what their audience likes. As a graphic designer myself, I commend them in creating fun and unique designs/themes that fit daily events.

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