DYL December Favorites

Kudos to everyone who was able to use their planner/s until the very end! It wasn’t easy committing and maintaining a planner, but we’re super happy that’s slowly changing. Because a planner is a necessity and writing on it is just more than planning– it’s an art. That’s all I can say lol

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DYL May Favorites

I can’t believe we’ve approached half the year already! We recently had a trip to New York late last month to attend the National Stationery Show (blog/vlog soon!) and it did not disappoint! We’re super inspired to come up with new designs *ehem 2018 planner ehem*– we’ve actually started already! Read More »

DYL February Favorites

I can’t believe I did it! I designed/decorated my planners for all 4 weeks of February! Three times on my Back to Basics planner and once on my Limitless planner. It feels like an achievement lol especially since I never really had excess time to just sit down and think about what’s going onto my planner. Anyway, last month went like a breeze, didn’t it? We did brainstorm a bit for our 2018 planners (GASP! ALREADY?!) and we’ve got a looot in store for you guys! We’ll also be doing some surveys and such so tune in for that!

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