DYL January Favorites

Can you believe we’re on our 2nd month of 2017 already?! It didn’t even occur to me until 2 days ago! A lot of things has definitely happened in January, some good some bad, but mostly great. We did a 3rd [and final] restock of the DYL 2017 planners last month due to the most popular demand we’ve had yet, and we’re so so thankful for all the support! We were overwhelmed with the requests we got, but we’re glad we followed through. (PS. A DYL planner promo is ongoing until Feb 10! Details here.)

This post is a mix of all 3 planners we currently have. Our latest addition to the DYL planner series, the Limitless planner, is an undated planner that features a minimalist layout. Like the Back to Basics planner, it allows flexible planning and decorating. We hope to see more of it this February!

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December Favorites: Planner Decorating Inspirations

AHHH I know, I know, it’s half of January already. We’ve been sooo busy packing planner orders, all day everyday, literally. We would like to thank the supporters of our planners– we got out of stock even before January started! And as a result of popular demand, we have decided to restock (again). Yay! More details in our website.

On another note, congratulations to all who were able to make it to December decorating their planners still, lol. I admit, it was a bit difficult to maintain especially since it was the holidays. I forget sometimes (ok, most of the time) because of all the FOOD, Christmas shopping, and food. Hopefully this year will be different, different good and better.

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November Favorites: Planner Decorating Inspirations

What?! We have a week of December down already? Every day of November has been a blur– well actually no, more like a having-fun-everyday-time-was-so-fast kind of blur. Ahhh time slow down, please!

On another note, we’ve been getting numerous good feedbacks with our DYL 2017 planners. We love how alot of you are excited for 2017 because of our planners! It makes us sooo happy.

The planner community is getting bigger each day, and what we love about it is that there are so much creative people out there. November is probably the month with the most creative outputs shared! Read More »