DYL 2018 Planners: The First Look

By now, we have released all the sneak peeks of the whole Design Your Life planner series! In case you missed it, we got you πŸ˜‰

We actually have EVEN MORE surprises for you in store! Announcements will be made in the coming days/weeks. Ahhh we’re so excited we can’t contain it lol they will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook so don’t forget to follow!

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Looking for 2018 DYL Planner Experts

We are looking for planners who are passionate about planner decorating, take good pictures of their works, and like to share their ideas. This is the 3rd batch of DYL Planner Experts (yayyy)!

As a DYL Planner Expert, you will be expected to actively share your DYL spreads on social media–  give out tips on how to maximize the use of your DYL planners, as well as techniques/ideas on planner decorating. You also must be willing to post about DYL planner-related news/announcements.

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